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This game is a work of fiction. All persons, places, religions, languages, laws and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world.

Current version: 0.02a.

Recommended age: 13+ Contain elements of fear, cartoon violence and gore, mild bad language, suggestive themes and reference to alcohol.

Turn on "Synch Monitor FPS" in options to ensure mini-games, cut-scenes and animations run at the correct speed.

This is the sequel to Journey to the East. The prequel can be found here: https://nakoruru.itch.io/journey-to-the-east

The story so far:

After the defeat of the Godeater Damos, and the Elsean invasion force annihilated in Artisala. Risa and her friends continue east toward the Ametarashi Federation: the realm of the setting sun.

It is here, where the supreme commander of the Elsean pricipalities, Prince Haakon, and the bulk of his army have landed, with the aim of conquering the Federation and overthrowing the Ametarashi Empress, Enku.

The 2nd instalment of the Journey to the East puts you in control of the smart and cunning Bilonian Sorceress, Karys Sana Merkel.
Aswaith, her childhood friend has been captured by Haakon, and she will do anything to save her from the clutches of evil.

Will she succeed in her rescue attempt, or will she fall foul to the evil minions of

Demo Information:

Prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 and credits (6-10 hours of gameplay).


Cursor Keys - Movement,
Z - Interact,
X - Menu/Cancel,
Hold shift+Direction - Dash

- 6 party member combat. Active turn battle system. Collect key items to unlock powerful skills. Fight powerful enemies!

- Unlock warp points for fast travel around the country.

Explore the vast wilderness of the Ametarashi Federation. Discover its hidden wonders!

- Oriental style maps and soundtrack with horror elements.

- Dynamic time, weather and lighting system. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Eos.

- A story with plenty of plot twists, shocking moments and deep character development. Expect the unexpected!

- Plenty of puzzles to rack your brains. Think on your feet!

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Install instructions

1. Unzip File using Winrar.

2. Run Game.exe in the game folder.


JTTE2 DEMO v.0.02a.rar 486 MB

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the trailer is really nostalgic